The Scarlet and Black Project Digital Archive illuminates the history of Rutgers University and slavery in New Jersey, the lives of free people of color in New Brunswick, and the experiences of the first black men and women to matriculate at the university. This archive serves as a digital companion to the Scarlet and Black books published by Rutgers University Press.

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Scarlet and Black Project volume 2 book cover

Our new book is here!

Our second book Scarlet and Black, Volume 2: Constructing Race and Gender at Rutgers, 1865-1945, edited by Kendra Boyd, Marisa J. Fuentes, and Deborah Gray White, has been published by Rutgers University Press. This latest volume includes: an introduction to the period studied (from the end of the Civil War through WWII) by Deborah Gray White; a study of the first black students at Rutgers and New Brunswick Theological Seminary; an analysis of African-American life in the City of New Brunswick during the period; and profiles of the earliest black women to matriculate at Douglass College.

Recently Added Items

Removal of Phillis to Louisiana, sold by slaveholder Staats Van Deursen to Jacob Klady

Middlesex County Clerk

Manumission Book page 208.jpg

This is a record of Phillis's removal from the state of New Jersey to Louisiana. Phillis was a 22-year-old black woman enslaved by Staats Van Deursen.…

Photograph of Harry Hazelwood Jr. with Leo P. Carlin and Howard J. Devaney


Photograph of Harry Hazelwood Jr. RC1943 with Newark Mayor Leo P. Carlin and Howard J. Devaney in 1957.